Relay Test Block and Relay Test Plug

Test Terminal Blocks Test Terminal Blocks
Relay Test Plug. Series NWRTP-01

This is a multi finger Test Plug when inserted, open circuits the contacts in the Test Block. The Test Plug consists of 28 nos. 4 mm. dia. sockets. Each socket corresponds to the numbered case terminal and is identified by identical number.

NWRTP-01 Test Plug when inserted into the Test Block it is securely retained by means of 2 nos. Knurled knobs. Shorting wire links are also provided with the NWRTP - 01 test block.

The following accessories are provided with each NWRTP-01 Test Plug.:
4 Nos. 150 mm long cable consisting of 4 mm plugs at both ends,
4 Nos. 50 mm long cable consisting of 4 mm Plugs at both ends.
6 Nos. 4 mm plugs which accepts flexible insulated cable
upto 2.5 mm2 tor test lead purposes.

Current withstand
NWRTS-01/ NWRTS-02 / NWRTS-03/ NWRTS-04 :
All contact circuits are rated for 20 A continuous or 300A for 1s, ac or dc.
NWRTP-01/ NWRTP-02 :
All contacts are rated for 20Acontinuous.